The Project

The FASyS Project

FASyS is generating -in an integrated manner- new knowledge (legal, socio-economic framework, methodologies and technologies - to ensure the continuous safety and wellness of workers in handling, machining and assembly factories of the future, allowing workers to become key factors of competitiveness and differentiation of the new production model. Thus, through the project are pursued the following challenges:

  • Enable a new optimized workplace concept for worker wellness and comfort under conditions of absolute safety and ergonomics to improve productivity.
  • Provide a model of reference in the excellent management of safety and health for the handling, machining and assembly factories of the future.

To meet these challenges, it is considered the technical, organizational and human resources to identify, detect, monitor and manage, on a continuous and effective manner, risks relating to health and safety throughout the complete life cycle of the plant. FASyS has analyzed the diversity of issues that may affect workers’ safety and health in handling, machining and assembly factories, focusing on the 13 most prevalent hazards:

  • Outrages and collisions,
  • trapping,
  • impacts and blows,
  • electricity,
  • falls from height,
  • same-level falls (slips an trips),
  • awkward body postures,
  • repetitive movements,
  • manual handling of loads,
  • chemicals,
  • noise and vibration,
  • psychosocial issues,
  • limited medical history of workers.

The FASyS solution addresses such hazards from the design phase to minimise the potential impact and occurrence. Then, during the operational phase, FASyS promotes a proactive control supported by a solid characterisation of risk evolution patterns, the identification of the most relevant risk indicators and the development of effective mechanisms for integrated risk detection. From a technological perspective, FASyS provides a complete platform for pervasive sensing, advanced reasoning capabilities and a more autonomous response towards risk mitigation and worker information and training. In particular, the new technologies and safety solutions compiled under the FASyS system fall into five major groups:


developing systems and tecnology in FASyS